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Our Vision for Success

By continuing to invest in our research and development, we strive to discover and develop new therapies that address unmet medical needs. We take our responsibility to our patients seriously, and we are committed to being a trusted partner in helping patients focus on improving their health so they can better balance their lives.

Few drug companies can achieve long-term growth relying exclusively on their own development pipelines. The intensity of partnering-related competition is increasing.

Our Business Development and Licensing team's mission is to expand our business by partnering on high potential products that complement our in-house portfolio (therapeutically, and by stage of development).

Our experience is that most of the value generated by alliances takes shape after the conclusion of contracts. As a result, we attach great importance to bolstering our alliance management capabilities with an eye to maximizing that value. Here's how we accomplish our vision for success:

  • Acquire new product candidates, new products and/or companies that will drive our portfolio in key therapeutic categories. We use our world-class scientific capabilities to continually innovate and improve our R&D processes for medicines in fields such as:
    • Oncology
    • Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders
    • "Frontier" - innovative discoveries in a variey of mechanisms and diseases
  • Establish sustainable partnerships through open and fair alliance management:
    • Provide balanced support to serve the interests of the alliance
    • Learn from partners to improve competencies and develop best practices

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As the U.S. subsidiary of a global pharmaceutical innovator, Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. draws on a rich heritage of innovation, integrity and accountability.

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