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Daiichi Sankyo Cancer Enterprise

Daiichi Sankyo is focused on aligning rigorous science with unique patients' needs to accelerate the development of innovative therapies for cancer.

Our heritage of scientific innovation spans more than 110 years and our legacy includes the development of several first-in-class oncology products:

  • The first chemotherapy to demonstrate survival benefits in colorectal cancer
  • The first natural-type interferon beta preparation for the treatment of glioblastoma and skin cancer
  • The first BRAF inhibitor to be coupled with a companion diagnostic for the treatment of metastatic melanoma

The oncology pipeline of Daiichi Sankyo continues to grow and currently includes both small molecules and monoclonal antibodies with novel targets in both solid and hematological cancers. 

We are committed to identifying the right resources and collaborations to become a leader in oncology. In addition to identifying ways to accelerate the development of compounds currently in our pipeline, we will continue to discover new compounds utilizing our in-house scientific expertise, collaborate with industry and academic partners, and acquire or in-license compounds that align with our strategy.


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