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Pain Trends Report

Daiichi Sankyo, Inc. is pleased to share the publication of the first edition of the
Pain Trends Report. The report has been developed by Daiichi Sankyo with input from the members of an editorial board. The editorial board comprises respected opinion leaders who were compensated by Daiichi Sankyo for their contribution. The report brings together published data, expert consensus, and original research conducted with payers, clinicians, pharmacists, employers, and practice managers in emergency departments and same-day surgery centers. The national and regional payers interviewed represent more than 204 million covered lives in the United States.

The Pain Trends Report investigates important concerns in pain management today such as:

The economic burden of pain

Trends in utilization management

Use of quality metrics

Treatment of pain and management of
   side effects

Future trends in pain management

Periodic updates will be provided to address evolving management and practice trends. Ambitious in scope and filled with timely insights, the Pain Trends Report provides an ongoing benchmark for decision makers in the development of pain management strategies that are effective, well tolerated, and well accepted.
Pain Trends Report

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