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Daiichi Sankyo Requirements

Requirements for Corporate Giving and Support

Daiichi Sankyo strives to ensure that our interactions with independent organizations and the provision of financial support or product donations are in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations, industry codes and guidelines, and Daiichi Sankyo policies and procedures.

Daiichi Sankyo does not provide corporate support:

  • To an individual
  • To any physician or physician practice or group or affiliate thereof
  • On behalf of any customer, patient or other individual
  • For consulting services rendered by a healthcare professional
  • To debarred institutions or groups, including organizations or their employees on the OIG exclusion list
  • To faculty debarred from a state or federal healthcare program and/or on the OIG exclusion list

Aligned Mission

The requesting organization's mission must be aligned with Daiichi Sankyo's corporate vision and values, as well as our corporate giving efforts, which are focused on three primary areas: education, community and healthcare. For healthcare charitable contributions, grants and sponsorships, the requesting organization's mission must be aligned with Daiichi Sankyo's scientific and medical areas of interest. Non-healthcare-related charitable contributions do not need to be aligned with Daiichi Sankyo's scientific and medical areas of interest.

Background Documentation

Organizations requesting corporate support are required to provide information on their organization, including but not limited to: legal name, legal type of organization and IRS Determination Letter, W9, annual revenue, accreditation certification and identification of individual board members.


Daiichi Sankyo will not offer or provide any support in a manner or on conditions that would interfere with the independence of an organization requesting support. Interactions between Daiichi Sankyo and requesting organizations will focus on the medical and scientific, business, public policy or corporate philanthropy endeavors of the requested support. Daiichi Sankyo will not utilize corporate giving and support to promote its products or request that an organization promote Daiichi Sankyo products. Daiichi Sankyo will encourage organizations to gain support from multiple supporters, and will not request that Daiichi Sankyo be the sole supporter of any organization or program.


Daiichi Sankyo will not provide corporate giving or support as a means or method to influence the registration, review or approval of Daiichi Sankyo products in any country; create a favorable formulary or reimbursement decision; reward past, present or future prescribing or recommendation of Daiichi Sankyo products; or influence or directly support the development of clinical practice guidelines.

Letter of Agreement

Corporate giving and support provided by Daiichi Sankyo shall always be clearly acknowledged and documented in a written agreement between Daiichi Sankyo and the organization.

Standards of Conduct

When interacting with non-profit organizations, Daiichi Sankyo will follow its U.S. Standards of Business Conduct and expects organizations to adhere to their own standards of conduct.

Gifts and Entertainment

Gifts, entertainment, or recreational activities are never to be provided to or accepted from organizations.


Daiichi Sankyo will not provide corporate giving and support to organizations for the purpose of purchasing equipment or other capital items or for capital improvements.

Post-Event Contributions and Donations

Daiichi Sankyo will not provide corporate giving and support for programs/activities after the start date has passed.


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